Being Linus

You probably couldn’t do it but it’s easy for him. It comes very naturally. Bottle baby boy, one of Georgia Boots’ triplets. Winner of the friendliest baby of the year (2019) contest. Linus went to a lovely home in Vaughn, along with his half-brother Larry. They have a darling little bespoke shed, new names, and now live the life of Riley. Several people wanted to buy him as a buck, and he would have made a nice one, but honestly the wether’s life is longer and nicer and just the ticket for a kid like (used-to-be-called) Linus. 

No wonder we never make any money.

Val Taleggio north of Milan


It’s late November. The milk is tired. And that means it’s taleggio season.

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Not Goat Polio

Not Goat Polio You think you have seen it all. The worms, the lice, the mites, the soremouth, the listeriosis, the goat polio, the dystocia,

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