Farm History

Breeding LaManchas since 2001 and Nigerians since 2003. Just through the purest luck I started out with a very pretty and milky LaMancha doe, a retired 4H goat I bought in the Little Nickel for $50. From those humble beginnings the farm morphed into a Grade A Dairy by 2008, selling cheese and cajeta around the area, everywhere from the Pacific Grill in Tacoma to the late lamented Key Peninsula Farmer’s Market to the old Terry’s Berries in Puyallup. I now specialize in classes and no longer hold the WSDA license but still – and always did – breed for milk first. The rest follows.

The herd is vaccinated for CDT, all breeding stock tested CAE negative. On the Key Peninsula, just outside the old anarchist colony of Home. By appointment only.

For Sale - Pet Wethers

A note on goat sales: until we have received and acknowledged your payment or deposit, no goat is on hold.

Melville, Moby & Marcus / 50/50 minimancha wethers

Melville loves people and is very friendly. He is dam-raised but loves to take a bottle. Moby and Marcus are a little less friendly but not too bad. Melville is a tiny mini-mancha with blue eyes and adorable elf ears; Marcus and Moby, the biggest, have blue eyes and stylish LaMancha coloring, which is definitely IN this season. They would like to stay together and the price is reduced accordingly, $100 each or $250 for all three. A perfect starter herd for someone needing a bit of adorable blackberry control.

For Sale - Breeding Stock

The Petulant Hamster Crybabies

Pirate Jenny X Starlord — “Grace” & “Bonny”

“PJ” is a FF with a small but very correct udder – we call it a hamster udder – she is a Kane/Wembley daughter. Kane was kindly leased to me for a season by Wild in Wild Farm, where he has done some nice things, and his kids here have been pretty as well. Wembley is a good milker with a very correct udder. Great attachments, nice medial, and almost perfectly plumb, sizable teats. Per barn records (not on test any more) she peaked around 4 pounds, a perfectly good amount for a Nigerian. PJ is a slightly smaller version of her mother and I have hopes that with at least one more freshening she will come into some more milk. Right now she is lucky to get more than two pounds. The girls will be too small to breed this fall, being late-born on top of being out of a smaller doe. Price reduced for that reason. They are dam-raised but will take a bottle. Picture coming – white with scattered black (Bonny) and white with scattered silver (Grace). $300 each, really nice genetics at a late season price.

PJ Pedigree. (Dam)

Starlord pedigree. (Sire).


"Bluebelle" - from the heavy-milking Belle line

Clover x Starlord

Nigerian Dwarf doeling; Herron Hill Holland Park; barn name “BlueBelle.”

She comes from classic Herron Hill lines, mostly Algedi and Poppy Patch on top, Promisedland and Herron Hill on the bottom. Clover is a 9-year-old Boxcar Betty daughter, still going strong, milks well and kids very easily. Black & White; Blue eyes. $500.

Herron Hill CB Blue Clover + Poppy Patch OR Starlord

Dot X Baker? -- even more milk

Dot is one of the four best Nigerian milkers ever born here  (Izzy, Belle Starr, Dot, and probably Cora Belle, each of whom peaked over 7 pounds). Maybe I am flattering myself but I think that is saying something. They all go back to Hannah Belle and the family in general milks very well. Dot’s kids are caught in the double whammy of NG and DNA – they are believed to be Baker’s (Wembley x Kane) kids but need to be DNA’d. Baker can’t be DNAd because his registration application has been sitting in a folder at the ADGA office since March. If they are not Baker kids, they are Fordy kids. In any case, they can’t be papered or dna’d until Baker is registered and dna’d and that has stretched on for 6 months already so it’s anyone’s guess. And they should show pretty well also, although this family tends to be a bit slow maturing. In general they are 2F before hitting their stride. Not always, Izzy came right out of the gate. Pictures of Dot’s udder, Belle Starr udder, Fordy; the girls are priced at $600 each but may not be registrable for a while. 

Dot has an extraordinarily capacious udder and a beautifully extended fore. She milks like a house on fire. You could spend a lot more, but you will not find better milk prospects. 

Dot Pedigree

Baker pedigree

Fordy pedigree

Kane pedigree

Wembley pedigree

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Herron Hill – on the Key Peninsula a little over an hour west and south of Seattle. Breeding purebred Nigerian Dwarfs since 2003. Starting to get pretty good at it.