Farm History

Breeding LaManchas since 2001 and Nigerians since 2003. Just through the purest luck I started out with a very pretty and milky LaMancha doe, a retired 4H goat named The Stormer’s Chocolote. This doe, Coco, was out of a Lucky Star doe and by a 7 Cedars buck. Unbeknownst to me at the time, they were two of the premier LaMancha herds in the area, if not the country. I bought Coco in the Little Nickel for $50; she came with a sweet, goofy wether named Brian. From those humble beginnings Nigerians were added and the farm morphed into a Grade A Dairy by 2008, selling cheese and cajeta around the area, everywhere from the Pacific Grill in Tacoma to the late lamented Key Peninsula Farmer’s Market to the old Terry’s Berries in Puyallup. I now specialize in classes and no longer hold the WSDA license but still – and always did – breed for milk first. The rest follows.

The herd is vaccinated for CDT, all breeding stock tested CAE negative. On the Key Peninsula, just outside the old anarchist colony of Home. By appointment only.

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"Bob" & "Bambi" - from the Belle line

Georgia Boots x Starlord

GEORGIA BOOTS is far and away the wackiest little doe here, please note in looking at the pictures that she has never taken a good photo, she manages to turn catawampus or stick a tongue out or mule-twitch her ears whenever there is a camera near. Every. Single. Time. 

The friendliest doe on the farm, very jealous if anyone else gets scratches. Looks like this will be Georgia’s year; she freshened with a lot of milk, despite breaking her leg a couple of weeks before kidding and only having twins (she tends to triplet).

A really intriguing pedigree on the kids: a lot of milk and (I think) a dash of style. Along with Herron Hill and Algedi there is a bit of Proctor Hill and J-Nels mixed, along with some Dragonfly not too far back in the pedigree. Bob is gold with blue eyes; Bambi is chocolate with brown eyes (looks like a fawn). Both very correct.

Herron Hill FS Georgia Boots + Poppy Patch OR Starlord

"Bluebell" - from the Belle line

Clover x Starlord

Nigerian Dwarf doeling; Herron Hill Holland Park; barn name “Bluebell.” Beautiful little girl, well-socialized although she is dam-raised. These are some classic Herron Hill lines, mostly Algedi and Poppy Patch on top, Promisedland and Herron Hill on the bottom, consistently milky and productive. Clover is a 9-year-old Belle line buckskin doe (a Boxcar Betty daughter), still going strong, milks well and kids very easily. DNA Pending. $400 picked up at the farm. Disbudded, will have cocci prevention and cdt. CAE negative herd. Black & White; Blue eyes. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Herron Hill CB Blue Clover + Poppy Patch OR Starlord

Breedings, Spring/Summer 2021

Nigerian Dwarf

WEMBLEY is a prima donna. But she is quite pretty and a good milker. But she is still a prima donna, possibly the most prima of all the Nigerian donnas here. Anyway we have no idea who she is bred to because she broke into the buck pen. She has a date with DNA in the near future. She usually has three or four kids, so we’ll see. In personality she is nothing like her mother, the dear departed stoic, usually silent Boxcar Betty. Except for the blue eyes and the splashy colors. She has one of the best Nigerian udders in the herd. And there have been some pretty good ones.

Herron Hill Wembley Central (named for the train station just north of London on the Bakerloo Line.)

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WETHERS (fixed males) make delightful pets. Every year we have wethers available, $125 or $200 a pair. They need a buddy, so singles can only go to homes which already have at least one other goat. They tend to be snapped up quickly so it is best to reserve in advance if you are interested.

Herron Hill – on the Key Peninsula a little over an hour west and south of Seattle. Breeding purebred Nigerian Dwarfs since 2003. Starting to get pretty good at it.