Breedings, Spring/Summer 2021

WEMBLEY is a prima donna. But she is quite pretty and a good milker. But she is still a prima donna, possibly the most prima of all the Nigerian donnas here. Anyway we have no idea who she is bred to because she broke into the buck pen. She has a date with DNA in the near future. She usually has three or four kids, so we’ll see. In personality she is nothing like her mother, the dear departed stoic, usually silent Boxcar Betty. Except for the blue eyes and the splashy colors.

Herron Hill Wembley Central (named for the train station just north of London on the Bakerloo Line.)

Faraway X Starlord

Faraway is a little fat blond doe, sweet and quiet. She has a lovely buttery udder and milks down to nothing. She was bred once before to Starlord, a little blond buck, but we never freshened any of the kids, they were all sold. The same was true of Starlord’s kids with other does, they all went to other farms, or were born on other farms to begin with (he serviced a Nubian and a couple of miniatures). But when some of those daughters started freshening with lots of milk it seemed like it might be a good idea to repeat this breeding. Expecting some little blond milky fat kids. Faraway is pictured dry last year and as a JUST freshened ff, looking a bit worse for wear, but she looked much better as her lactation progressed.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising, there is a lot of milk in the pedigree.


More updates coming – Bebe, Golly, Pirate Jenny and more believed bred. Stay tuned.